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E. David Marks

Resolving Disputes, Bringing You Closure

Providing Reliable and Effective Dispute Resolution, Mediation, and Arbitration Services

San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Alameda Counties Virtual Services Available

Experienced Mediator, Arbitrator, and Referee

As an active listener and efficient mediator, I provide you with reliable and effective alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration services throughout the state of California. Whether it's a complex business dispute or a straightforward personal disagreement, I approach every situation with the aim of finding the most suitable and practical solution for all parties involved. I understand the importance of resolving conflicts without resorting to costly litigation, and I work tirelessly to streamline the process for my clients.

Avoid Time, Stress & Expense

My mediation practice service is designed to help you avoid the time, stress, and expense of court proceedings. I use my extensive skills and experience to facilitate negotiations and discussions, helping you reach an agreement that's satisfactory for all parties.

Making Decisions, Finding Solutions

Mediation is a powerful tool for avoiding litigation. I employ a creative and 'outside the box' thinking approach, ensuring every possible avenue is explored in the pursuit of resolution. My role as an arbitrator is to hear the evidence and make a binding decision, while as a mediator, I facilitate communication between the parties to help them come to their own agreement.

Extending Expertise

I also offer services as a discovery referee and special master. These roles allow me to provide further assistance in complex legal disputes, helping to manage discovery processes, overseeing case management, and resolving specific issues referred to by the court.

My Commitment

My commitment to high-quality services includes maintaining transparency and effective communication throughout the process. This ensures you're always informed and confident about the progress of your case.

Key Attributes

  • Efficient Mediation
  • Active Listening
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Comprehensive Coverage across California

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